Central South Island and North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report for November 24, 2023 (2023)

Reports on the South Island

Great Rainbow over Lake Benmore and Ohau B Channel

Rainbow trout are big this season, according to two seasoned anglersbenmore l..

Trevor Hendry has been fishing Lake Benmore for 27 years; this November, he and his 7-year-old grandson Jaxon White caught a 6.5-pound and 5.5-pound rainbow, respectively.

Trevor claims it's the biggest rainbow he's ever caught at Benmore.

Above right: Trevor Hendry captured this 6.5-pound rainbow at Lake Benmore in November.

Trevor and Jaxon trawled off the Halden Loch tributary near Black Forest Station, targeting a water depth of about 5 to 6 metres, and fishing with salmon bait.

Check out our monthly Reel Life newsletter herePhoto of Jaxon's big "bow".

Another report I had was from a local Lake Benmore expert; I won't call him by name because he said some people had realized the joys he was doing with the "canal approach" to the lake.

Notably, he has been able to catch fish over 5 pounds this season; on one trip, he caught a 9-pound fish and two others over 5 pounds.

Central South Island and North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report for November 24, 2023 (1)

A 17-pound rainbow trout caught by Peter Fantham from the Ohau B Canal

The angler, who did not want to be named, believes some of the Benmore trout he has caught this season have been extra large because their guts are full of large snails.

The next big rainbow report comes from Peter Fantham, one of the many anglers who visit Ohau B Canal RV Park from time to time.

After dinner, Peter hiked up the river to the headwaters of Lake Ruataniwha to trade his own prawns for salmon.

Although there was not much current in the channel and there were five other anglers fishing, Peter gave up the idea of ​​​​missing and cast a fishing line.

Twenty minutes later, Peter was back in his RV with a 17-pound rainbow trout and a small group of amazed North Islanders who lined up to take a photo of the biggest rainbow trout they had ever seen.

weekend outlook

The weather seems to be a mixed bag this weekend. Expect it to be nice and damp at times, and usually on the cold end of the thermometer.

Those heading to the lake and the Mackenzie Canal needn't worry too much if they're prepared to pack warm clothing and raincoats for sudden weather changes.

If you're planning to go river fishing this weekend, you might want to check this outECan Flow - Websitein advance.

Most rivers and streams in the area are currently at high levels; however, many numbers are declining rapidly and there should be good fishing streams this weekend - especially bait and spin and fly fishing with worms and streamers.

However, not all CSI rivers can be fished with baits (including scented soft baits). So be sure to tell yourselfRegulatory Guidelines 2022/23Before fishing.

Genesis is currently managing the high water levels in Lake Takapō/Tekapo by draining it through George Scott Spill Weir into the Takapō/Tekapo River - which is actually currently flooded and unsuitable for fishing.

The flooding also caused a slight discoloration of Lake Benmore around the delta of the Takapō/Tekapo River.

With all the water to deal with, you can expect quite a bit of current in Tekapo Strait - this will help with some forms of current fishing.

Those who go out to sea to fish for salmon will have to be patient as the Rangitata River is currently high and murky after a series of rainfall events - it will take a while to clear.

The same rain event has affected our sources such as Ahuriri; hopefully it will not affect the Upper River and Tarns open house on the first Saturday of December (3rd).road).


CSI Annual Meeting - Thursday, November 24, 2022

Where: 32 Richard Pearse Drive, Temuka. Time: 7pm

Licensees and the public are welcome.

Tekapo Canal - Speed ​​Limit Notice

Genesis advises that there is now a 30km/h speed limit on the right side (gravel side) of the Tekapo Canal through the Upper Tekapo Salmon Farm area as a traffic speed safety concern.

Please always obey the speed limit to prevent further restrictions.

Spraying riverbeds with weeds - various waterways

Environment Canterbury said a fairway weed spraying program would start on a number of rivers to drain floodwaters and stop the spread of pest plants.

Use tractors and trucks to spray pest plants in active waterways of rivers if necessary.

Did not spray or spray in the water and left a buffer zone at the water's edge.

Signs will be posted at all inlets to the river to inform people that vegetation has been sprayed and that spraying is in progress.

The areas that ECan wants to target are as follows

- Orari from sea to valley

- from Opihi by the Sea to Rockwood

- Temuka from junction with Opihi to junction with Waihi and Te Moana

- From Temuka confluence to Waihi in the canyon

- Pareora from seaside to cottage

tight line

Rhys Adams, Central South Island Fish and Game Commissioner

North Canterbury - Bericht

Central South Island and North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report for November 24, 2023 (2)Cohan Ryder caught this beautiful 2kg or 4.5lb brown fish in Lake Forsyth.

This fish is a great example of the catchability of our lowland fisheries.

It's a timely reminder that you can catch some great fish around town.

In the unstable weather conditions we are currently experiencing,rule bookIf you're looking for fishing spots, this might be a good place to start.

As we say here at Fish & Game, "Every bridge you cross is an opportunity to fish." Since this weekend is all about finding places to stay out of the weather, it's time to do some exploring and explore some new territories up.

Fish and Game Officers Harry Graham Samson and Matthew Garrick were out yesterday near Lake Te Waihola/Elesmere and were pleasantly surprised to spot some anglers The lake and its tributaries are being explored.

All anglers screened were licensed and saw a reasonable number of fish to maintain their interest.

We are still getting reports of salmon sightings in the area but the river will not be available for fishing until next week and anyone lucky can catch the first salmon of the season.


Central South Island and North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report for November 24, 2023 (3)Some anglers have asked if there will be a big Rakaia salmon fishing contest this summer.

After checking with the sponsor, we can confirm that it is running; it will continueFebruary 24thDay, 25Dayand 26,2023.

Rakaia competitions are New Zealand's largest freshwater fishing competition, attracting over 700 entries each year.

In addition, next year will be the 40thDayAnniversary of the grand celebration of the Rakaia River and its salmon fishery.

Rakaia River Promotions (the organizers) will be posting more details soon, but be sure to bookmark itwebsiteGet the latest information.

At Fish & Game, we are occasionally asked how we can support salmon games when salmon farming at sea is at risk.

The simple answer is that anglers can only catch two sea salmon per season due to sea salmon catch limits.

Central South Island and North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report for November 24, 2023 (4)

Anglers in the Rakaia Estuary during the 2020 tournament.

Anglers are limited to two fish due to seasonal fishing, so they can catch two fish both in and out of the game. Anglers are still limited to two fish.

To enter the Rakaia competition (with some fantastic prizes up for grabs), anglers must present not only their current fishing license, but also a properly completed Sea Run Salmon Catch Card.

It is important to remember that the goal of seasonal bag restrictions is to increase the number of fish that return to spawn.

Angler catches on some rivers fell from more than 50 percent to less than 20 percent last season, suggesting seasonal fishing is working and more fish are reaching spawning grounds.

Volunteer of the Year - Bob Loasby

Central South Island and North Canterbury Weekly Fishing Report for November 24, 2023 (5)Bob Loasby received the 'Volunteer of the Year' trophy from Ian McCory at last week's annual public meeting.

Bob has been an integral part of the North Canterbury Fish & Game Ranging team for over 25 years.

Unfortunately, due to a recent surgery, Bob is not as mobile as he would like to be, and after years of dedicated service, he surrenders his power of attorney.

His wisdom, wise advice, and experience have helped countless new rangers join Fish & Game over the years. In addition, he is a member of the Compliance Review Committee, which advises on enforcement decisions.

When North Canterbury Fish & Game needs extra hands, whether it's for tournament fishing, fish catch, or angler training, Bob lends a helping hand.

His support did not go unnoticed, and we thank Bob for this with the Ian McCory Volunteer of the Year Trophy.

let us know

If you have recent photos of fishing trips or events you'd like to post, please send them toNorthcanterbury@fishandgame.org.nz; even if they are not from our region, I will pass them on so they can be used.

tight line

Richie Cosgrove, North Canterbury Fish and Game Officer.

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