Fish Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings of Seeing Fish (2023)

Fish have been a source of food for cultures around the world, but their presence also has deep spiritual significance. With over 33,000 species of fish living in all kinds of aquatic environments, these creatures have lived for over 500 million years!

While those who are into astrology mayassociate pisces with the zodiac sign Pisces(Pisces actually translates to "fish" in Latin), the symbolism of fish runs as deep as the oceans they inhabit.

Fish Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings of Fish

Fish are symbols of rebirth, fertility, the unconscious or higher self, luck, change, health, and feelings.

Fish are also commonlyassociated with the element of water, which means stability, balance and tranquility. In some cases, the water is considered protective of the body and can act as a kind of antidote to emotions and extreme bodily movements.

However, water can also represent flooding and totality; the vast expanse of water can give it qualities of darkness and mystery. The fish's strong connection to the water element gives it similar connotations of duality.

If water overshadows many difficult decisions in life, then Pisces acts as a familiar guide to the world of the unknown. In that sense, he can act as a spiritual rock, a stabilizing force in the face of adversity.


Pisces Encounters and Omens

When you find fish in any body of water, or simply see a fish symbol, it is a good omen telling you to trust your instincts.

If you identify strongly with Pisces or start to see Pisces showing up more often, pay attention to your gut reaction. For example, if your gut tells you that something is going on with a new person in your life, or if you find that your relationship with a current partner is at a breaking point, don't doubt your feelings.

The fish also acts as a guiding force in important and difficult decisions. So if you are going through a rough patch, turn to the higher and more experienced power: nature. You will discover that in your moment of greatest need,Mother nature will only give you a helping handyou need.

if you feel lost, insecure and adrift, see how fish can appear in your life.


What do the different types of fish symbolize?

With thousands of species of fish, there will undoubtedly be different meanings for specific fish. Here, we break down the most recognizable and popular fish meanings.

Salmon Meaning

Salmon is known for its spawning season, but it has several different species. For example, King Salmon represents power, leadership, and authority; Black salmon are symbols of psychic gifts and mystery; and Pink Salmon are symbols of fertility and romance.

But in general, salmon are symbols of regeneration, life cycles, emotions, instinct, wisdom, and bravery.


Koi fish are associated with dedication and bravery due to their ability to swim up waterfalls and streams. But these fish are also symbols of wealth, luck and victory.

meaning of catfish

As the Key catfish lays at least 4,000 eggs a year, it is known as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. However, as the catfish uses its electroreceptive sensory abilities, it is also associated with clairvoyance, psychic perception, and sensitivity.

meaning of swordfish

Swordfish are extremely adaptable and can change their body temperatures when the water is too cold. That is why they are symbols of flexibility, courage, change and speed.

angel fish meaning

Like salmon and catfish, angelfish are symbols of fertility, as they can produce up to 1,000 eggs in a single season.

But specific types of angelfish have different meanings: Blackspot angelfish represent the connection between male and female; the golden angelfish represents fire and leadership; and the black lace angelfish is a symbol of mystery and inner workings.

Angelfish, as a whole, are symbols of emotions, hope, angels or spirits, psychic awareness, and fidelity.

carp meaning

While small carp are known to swim in schools to survive, larger carp live solitary lives, which is why they are associated with change, ambition, and individuality. But in other cultures, the carp unanimously represents good luck, luck and prosperity.

puffer fish meaning

Pufferfish are known to be toxic when not served to eat properly, and are therefore associated with the warning that being proud is toxic to your well-being. Puffer fish are also symbols of courage, humility, and confidence.

Symbolism of fish in dreams

Fish in dreams represent a profound awakening that will only kick in when you are at the beginning of a potentially challenging period in your life. The fish is always there for those who need it most, to help guide those who get lost in dark waters.

But depending on the circumstances of the dream determine what your subconscious is really trying to tell you.

dream big fish

When you dream of a big fish, it means that you need to think about how to deal with the negativity of others. It is important not to let yourself down emotionally and maintain balance in the way you make decisions from the heart.

dream of fish out of water

If you dream of a fish that is out of water, it represents an imbalance or unhappiness, or that you have not yet fulfilled your purpose in life. Instead of basing your own happiness on others, look for that truth within yourself.

dream of dead fish

When you dream of a dead fish, it means that you have doubts and you need to find a way to trust your gut. Another meaning of this dream is that your desires need to be more realistic in order to find true happiness.

dream of catching a fish

Spiritually, dreaming of fishing is related to exploring your imagination. So, to dream of fishing is to manifest your goals and desires into reality.

dream of eating fish

If you dream of eating fish, it represents luck, spirituality, and your own personal energy. Dreaming of cooking a fish to eat is related to accepting your spirituality and knowledge and combining it with the achievements you have.

Dream about fish roe

Dreaming of fish roe is related to fertility and can appear in your dreams if you are trying to get pregnant. But fish roe also symbolizes new beginnings, which can also be relevant to starting your own family.

Dream about fish scales

When you dream of fish scales, they represent growth in your life or that you are happy with your progress in life. Consider this a good omen!

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Fish spirit or animal totem

while athe spirit animal is essentially a spirit guidewho teaches us lessons while helping us to follow the right path, onetotem animal, which is another form of spiritual guidance, is invoked when we most need help or guidance.

You will know you have a fish spirit animal if you have had a deep experience with one or resonate with it in any way. But remember that you can't choose your spirit animal.

Having a fish as a spirit animal calls into question whether or not you are fulfilling your inner femininity and nurturing your capabilities.

When your fish spirit animal appears, it is a reminder to look within yourself, find that part of you that may be hidden, and explore your psychic abilities. Be sure to validate your own emotions and process them instead of keeping them buried in the background; that way, you can live a more balanced life.

Those with a fish totem can easily adapt to their surroundings, are independent, and often wish to swim against the current, so to speak. These people are connected to water in some way, have strong knee-jerk reactions, and want to deepen their connection to their mind and spirit.

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Spiritual meaning of Pisces in Christianity and the Bible

In Christianity, fish represent faith, abundance, and Jesus Christ himself. In fact, what we know as "Jesus fish", also called ichthys, represents Christ and is related to the Holy Eucharist and the charity of Jesus in the multiplication of fish and bread.

Other Biblical references include Jesus and his disciples as "fishers of men", where the fish represent men and the vast ocean represents the endless abyss of sin.

Spiritual meaning of Pisces in Buddhism

In Buddhism, fish are symbols of joy and freedom from social norms and expectations. For Buddhists, fish are free to swim where they want; Buddhist robes often depict fish, which are given to the bride and groom in Buddhist ceremonies.

Two fish, on the other hand, represent inner harmony or peace between two people or entities. Two fish also symbolize "swimming" through problems or conflict to finally find peace.

Symbolism of fish in mythology and folklore

Native American Fish Symbolism

Some Native American tribes (including Chickasaw, Ho-Chunk, and Creek) carved different types of fish into totem poles, while other tribes (Iroquois, Lenape, and Caddo) had fish dance rituals.

Some tribes used fish as their primary food source and held it in high esteem, with salmon in particular being honored as a medicinal animal.

In Native American cultures, fish symbolize prosperity, fertility, and good luck; Fish were also described in myth as shapeshifters and came to symbolize wisdom and mystery.

Celtic Fish Symbolism

In Celtic culture, salmon was a symbol of wisdom and foresight.

The Celts believed that the salmon was a source of prophecy and knowledge, acquiring their sacred hazelnuts; It has also been said that eating salmon instills wisdom in the eater.

African Pisces Symbolism

In African cultures, fish are associated with creativity, new beginnings, and fertility. A symbol depicting two fish was popular in ancient Africa, particularly the symbols for tilapia and Nile perch.

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The tilapia was associated with protection and the sun, while the Nile perch was a symbol of night, darkness, and destruction.

A famous myth spoke of Mangala, the creator god, who planted seeds in the cosmic womb. Two fish grew from the seeds and Mangala sent them into the cosmic waters of creation. This symbolized a new phase of life.

Far Eastern Pisces Symbolism

The Gun-Yu, or Great Flood, represents a great cleansing and total destruction toward rebirth; rebirth is related to fish in general, as well as change. Fish also symbolize fidelity and are given as wedding gifts. Koi fish, specifically, are symbols of wealth, abundance, and courage.

In Chinese mythology, the goddess of compassion, mercy, and kindness, also known as the Great Mother Kwan-yin, is often depicted as a fish.

In Japan, koi fish are associated with samurai, while folklore tells of a giant catfish called Namazu, which causes earthquakes. According to myth, Namazu lives underground and is guarded by the god Takemikazuchi.

Norse Pisces Symbolism

In Norse folklore, fish are symbols of determination, adaptability, and the ebbs and flows of life in general.

The Norse paid homage to the salmon, specifically, drawing attention to this fish's ability to easily adapt to its environment, as well as its determination to make the journey to spawn.

Greco-Roman Fish Symbolism

The fish as a life-giving force isseen in many pagan traditions; the fish represents femininity, fertility and reproduction, and often symbolizes superior maternal beauty.

In ancient Greco-Roman myth, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology), like Eros, turned into a fish to escape the monster Typhon. This myth shows how the fish comes to represent not only female beauty and fertility, but also how femininity can be used to ensure speedy salvation.

In Ancient Greece, Aphrodite was celebrated on Fridays, when people ate fish.

fish tattoo meaning

There are several reasons why someone would get a fish tattoo, and this tattoo art can come in all sizes and colors due to the endless options available.

Can you get a fish tattoo tosymbolizes being a Pisces zodiac sign, while others may get a koi fish as a sign of good luck or perseverance. A fish tattoo can also represent a love of fishing or water, or a connection to Jesus Christ.


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