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Laminine® is a dietary supplement with anti-aging properties.

Laminine® capsules are to be administered orally. The recommended intake for adults is 1 to 4 capsules per day.

Do not take if you have a known allergy to eggs or fish.

Do not consume this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

* Daily Value (%DV) not determined

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount per serving % Daily Value
OPT9 Proprietary Blend 620mg *
(fertilized bird egg extract, marine protein, vegetable protein)
Facts About Ingredients and Supplements

The proprietary formulation of Laminine® is called OPT9™. This formula is made up of three (3) ingredients: Fertilized Bird Egg Extract (FAEE), Vegetable Protein and Marine Protein.

other ingredients

Laminine® contains the following inactive excipients: vegetable capsule, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Laminin contains fertilized bird egg extract and a blend of marine and vegetable proteins, giving it a unique combination of all essential amino acids.

The health benefits of eggs have been known for centuries. Studying the mechanisms of egg development after fertilization has revealed certain health benefits. In previous studies looking at weight gain during egg development, scientists(1) found that weight gain was minimal (7.5%) during the first 9 to 10 days and then increased substantially (1190% by day 23). ) points out, indicating rapid weight gain of the physique. The potency of the nutrients available to the fertilized egg at this stage has long been thought to be high, but the chemical structure of the raw egg solids of these critical stages, known as the blastodisc to proembryo stage, has only recently been determined. Oligopeptides with molecular weights ranging from 0.5 to 1.0 kD have been identified during the embryonic to proembryonic stages of embryogenesis. Oligopeptides are compounds composed of 2 to 20 amino acids connected by peptide bonds. These short-chain amino acids are able to cross the digestive barrier without disrupting or altering ratios and ratios (2). Peptides are more potent than other neurotransmitters, and only small amounts are needed to have profound effects.

In addition, the uptake of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) (present in proembryonic fluid) by developing eggs increases dramatically between day 11 and day 12. These peptides and FGF are isolated at the right stage through a proprietary development process that utilizes proprietary drying techniques to provide health benefits to humans. This extract is called Fertilized Avian Egg Extract (FAEE).

In 1929, Canadian physician John R. Davidson discovered an extract obtained from fertilized bird eggs at a critical stage of development. He used this extract to restore the health of his patients. Dr. Davidson spent over ten years developing and researching his theory. After Davidson's death in 1943, however, his work on fertilized bird eggs was not passed on and was quickly forgotten. Nearly 50 years later, Norway's leading egg researcher: Dr. Björdene Eskland. He leads Dr. Davidson's original research went a step further by postulating that fertilized bird eggs contain a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein components that, when consumed by humans, may confer an incredible array of health benefits. These include vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as important defense, growth factors, hormones and other bioactive components.

The bioactive peptides in Laminine stimulate dormant stem cells to utilize plant amino acids and marine proteins to repair damaged aging cells.

Drying the proembryonic fluid before the peptides are "consumed" to build organs and bones allows us to provide humans with this mechanism for building, repairing and maintaining a perfect balance of amino acids, peptides and growth factors.

Nature has developed an extremely versatile mechanism for nourishing the embryos of living organisms with astonishing precision. The precise mix of oligopeptides can be considered as building blocks without bridges or directors. The effect of this guide is exerted by a growth factor called fibroblast growth factor or FGF, which is also a biologically active peptide. FGF is abundant in raw embryonic fluid and human placenta. On day 11 of the egg incubation cycle, the levels of these bioactive peptides increase dramatically in hen tissues, and the corresponding peptides form solid organs and bones (3). A detailed day study was conducted in 1988 (5;7). Only discovered in the 1970s, FGFs and bioactive peptides are essential for the development of embryos, including humans.

Bioactive peptides are responsible for building the lining of blood vessels and creating the infrastructure for the flow of nutrients to key areas of the brain and organs. Based on the clear results of bioactive peptides' ability to affect neurite outgrowth, researchers believe that bioactive peptides have the potential to directly affect many neurological disorders (4). Neurites are signal transmitters (axons) and signal receivers (dendrites) attached to neurons in the brain.

The study (6) also clearly showed that the uptake of peptides and amino acids was significantly increased by new cell cultures in the presence of FGF. This result confirmed the hypothesis that embryonic growth is influenced by a very precise mechanism of unique combinations of amino acids, peptides and FGFs.

The positive effects of Laminine® are: Positive effects on memory, skin, libido, energy, joints, muscles, stress, sleep and emotional stability.

wound healing activity

In a 1997 study, (animal) subjects were randomized to receive either an amino acid diet or a peptide diet for 10 days immediately after surgery, and wound strength was measured. The study found that subjects receiving the peptide diet had significantly higher wound site pressure than those receiving the amino acid diet alone. The authors suspect that dietary peptides stimulate the production of growth factors such as growth hormone, insulin, or insulin growth factor (IGF-1). They also speculate that the entry of amino acids into cells by peptide transporters may stimulate protein synthesis more efficiently than entry of amino acids in the form of amino acids alone. Other possible mechanisms by which the authors suggest that peptide and non-peptide diets improve wound healing include stimulating collagen synthesis, increasing wound blood flow, scavenging free radicals, and generating cytokine profiles that better support wound healing.

Cortisol Research

The aim of this study was to determine the effect of the dietary supplement quinbutinin on cortisol levels in vivo. During the experiment, a total of 28 subjects participated in the study, including 16 women and 12 men, aged between 36 and 83 years. Salivary cortisol levels were measured for each participant before participating in the study. This value is referred to as "lamina premucosal availability". Salivary cortisol levels were measured three times every five days throughout the study, when each participant's intake was varied. Overall, cortisol levels decreased by an average of 23.7% among study participants, 16 of whom started increasing their intake of kelp quinbutin (four capsules twice daily) and 12 who started taking one capsule twice daily capsule. Those who initially started the study with a higher intake of quinbutinin had significantly lower cortisol levels within the first four days compared to those who started the study with a lower intake. However, at the end of the study, there was a small, though not significant, difference in favor of a higher initial intake. At the end of the study, women had an overall drop in cortisol of 27.3 percent and men had a 19.2 percent drop.

Although the results of this study are encouraging, additional testing with a larger sample is needed to validate the results.

Effect of laminin on normoglycemia


A pilot study was conducted to observe possible trends in the effect of the dietary supplement Laminine on the normalization of blood glucose levels in subjects who started to experience unhealthy blood glucose levels. Subjects' Hgb A1c values ​​(hemoglobin marker for blood sugar levels) were measured at the start of the study and after 12 weeks of daily intake of the two dietary supplements. Eleven people participated in the study. Three subjects took a placebo, and four subjects with slightly higher than normal Hgb-A1c levels took two laminine capsules per day. Four subjects previously taking blood sugar-lowering medications took two tablets of Laminine per day.

Although the sample size was small, statistical analysis using a paired t-test showed that the group with slightly higher than normal blood glucose levels was significantly downregulated by supplementation (p<0.05). The unit change in blood glucose downregulation was also statistically significant (p<0.05). No significant changes were observed in the group taking both blood glucose medications and dietary supplements. The results suggest that laminin supplementation may help normalize blood sugar levels in individuals with higher-than-normal blood sugar levels. A study is necessary to observe this effect in a larger population. No adverse side effects were observed in either group taking laminine for 12 weeks.


Although primarily a disease of middle-aged people, metabolic syndrome is increasingly affecting children, teens and young adults around the world. 9 The criteria are obesity, physical inactivity and a "modern diet" lifestyle of overeating and undereating. Obesity is part of the metabolic syndrome, the fastest growing health problem worldwide. Emphasize the urgent need for preventive measures to reduce significantly increased health risks. 10 Metabolic syndrome is an entity consisting of a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors that increase the risk of future coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. 10 Prevalence varies between countries, but is approximately 20% in most Western cultures (i.e. 24% of the middle-aged population in Europe). 11 Lifestyle is closely related to the development of metabolic syndrome, and diet and physical activity are considered to be two important factors of metabolic syndrome. The most important modifiable lifestyle factors in this regard11

Doctors give the main advice for treating these diseases, discouraging high-fat diets, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Physicians welcome all the additional tools that can be used alongside traditional medicines to combat high cholesterol, high blood pressure, unhealthy blood sugar levels and obesity. In addition to promoting a low-calorie diet and getting enough exercise, certain supplements may help maintain healthier blood sugar levels. Laminin contains two types of supplemental ingredients. Numerous eggs from fertilized nine-day-old eggs are rich in certain growth stimulators and rare antioxidants. The egg product has not been heat-treated or heat-dried to avoid structural changes in proteins and hormonal substances (ie, fibroblast growth factor). Receptor sites on fibroblast growth factor can stimulate receptor sites on somatic or stem cells, promoting cellular responses. Other marine and plant proteins, including spirulina, complete the amino acid profile.


All participants gave voluntary informed consent and were informed about the composition and safety of the dietary supplements. The Hgb A1c test was chosen to measure the effect of laminin on normal blood sugar levels because of its higher accuracy compared to other blood sugar tests. Hgb A1c measures the percentage of hemoglobin (a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body) that has been coated with sugar (glycosylated hemoglobin) over the past 60-90 days. Therefore, it is not affected by short-term blood sugar fluctuations (heavy food, medication, etc.) that can affect the accuracy of other tests. The study lasted 12 weeks (84 days) to properly measure changes in Hgb-A1c levels. A normal/healthy Hgb-A1c level is 5.6% and below, an Hgb-A1c level between 5.7% and 6.4% may indicate an increased risk of unhealthy blood sugar levels, and an Hgb-A1c level of 6.5% or higher may indicate blood sugar levels unhealthy.

Hgb-A1c value standard

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (1)

Since the difference between a healthy blood sugar level and an increased risk of an unhealthy level can be as little as 0.1%, even a small reduction in Hgb-A1c levels can prove beneficial in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Laminin Dietary Supplement is a proprietary blend of fertilized bird egg extract, vegetable protein and marine protein. Together, this combination provides the body with all 22 amino acids, both essential and non-essential, needed for protein synthesis.

Group A received a placebo in the morning and evening.

Group B took one capsule of Laminine in the morning and one capsule in the evening.

Participants in group C took one capsule of laminine in the morning and one capsule of laminine in the evening, in addition to their blood sugar medication. All participants in group C were taking hypoglycemic drugs before participating in the study. Participants in this group took only one to three different drugs during the study. These medicines include insulin and oral medicines.

Group A and the two groups receiving laminine were first tested at week 0 and then at week 12 before taking placebo or dietary supplement.

Diet and exercise were not monitored during the study.


Four subjects in Group B who consumed laminin twice a day (at risk of unhealthy blood glucose levels) were evaluated using a two-sample paired t-test and found to be significant (p=0.0273). Using the one-sample test, the mean change in difference alone was 0.475, which is also significant (p=0.0382).

Blood glucose levels were also assessed using two-sample paired t-tests in the group of subjects controlled by medication (Group C) who consumed laminin twice daily, but the results were not significant.

Both statistical analyzes assume that the data are normally distributed. The subject group size was very small, but each subject was measured before and after 12 weeks of supplementation in order to assess these differences.


Metabolic syndrome often results in exacerbated glucose intolerance. Interventions targeting people who are overweight, have a sedentary lifestyle and have higher than normal blood sugar levels but are not classified as diabetic may benefit from taking laminine. Although the sample size was small, this preliminary study showed significant differences in blood sugar levels before and after 12 weeks of lamina ingestion. The difference in Hgb-A1c marker measurements before and after supplementation in group B (0.475 unit change) was also statistically significant, further supporting the observed effect. This preliminary assessment suggests that this dietary supplement may have a beneficial effect on maintaining normoglycemia in individuals at risk of hyperglycemia and warrants further study in a larger population.

Statistical analysis of subjects in group C taking medication to normalize high blood sugar levels underscores the safety of the dietary supplement, as it did not interfere with the medication or significantly alter the measurements as a group. Only one subject showed a higher rather than a lower effect when taking the dietary supplement. Notably, one group C participant, who had been taking insulin containing laminine at the start of the study, reduced her insulin dose and maintained stable blood sugar levels by the end of 12 weeks, as advised by her personal physician.

All participants in group B had normalized downregulation of Hgb-A1c levels, and three of the four participants in group C had positive changes in their levels.

It is known that extracts of poultry eggs nine days after fertilization and not denatured by heat treatment retain fibroblast growth factor (FGF) activity. This activity may contribute to glucose uptake as growth factors react with receptor sites on somatic or stem cells. Laminin also contains fish and vegetable proteins, which can affect glucose tolerance if consistently added to the diet. Further studies on the clinical efficacy and mechanism of action of laminine are needed.

Statistical analysis was performed by J.B. Spalding, Ph.D., professor emeritus of statistics at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

Cholesterol Profile Studies

The aim of the study was to test the effects of the dietary supplement Laminine independently and in combination with Laminine OMEGA+++ on cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides and blood pressure. Fifteen people took part in the study, divided into three groups of five people each. This was a 12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

The study was conducted in two phases. The first lasts eight weeks and includes groups A, B and C. Serum cholesterol profiles and blood pressure of participants in each group were measured at the beginning of the first week and at the end of the eighth week. During the study period, participants took a total of four supplements per day -- two in the morning and two in the evening. The second phase of the study included only participants in group A and lasted four weeks. Cholesterol serum profiles were then measured again. In the second phase, participants in group A took eight supplements per day -- four in the morning and four in the evening.

In the Phase 1 study, the results showed that group B had an average reduction in cholesterol of about 9.8 percent, while group C had an average reduction in cholesterol levels of 11.5 percent. Meanwhile, cholesterol levels in group A actually rose by 1.0% during the first eight weeks, but normalized to 11% between weeks nine and twelfth. Results for LDL and triglycerides generally followed a similar pattern.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (4)

Group A subjects also received a subjective survey at the end of the second period, asking them to rate improvements in joints, memory, skin, libido, muscle tone and strength, stress levels, sleep and emotional well-being. Of the 5 subjects in group A, only 4 subjects chose to participate in the survey. After the second stage, the average improvement across all categories was approximately 5.75 (on a scale of 0 to 10), with 0 being no change and 10 being a significant improvement. While these are subjective results, they are compelling nonetheless.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (5)

Discussion of Cholesterol Profiling Studies

In the second period, triglyceride levels in group A normalized to 267 mg/dL or 58.2%, the largest change over the entire study period. However, group C participants achieved the best and most consistent overall results. All participants had HDL levels within the normal range at the beginning and end of the study.

Although participants in Group A received twice the dose of laminine and laminine OMEGA+++ in Phase II, the results were not significant enough to recommend that all subjects double the recommended dose of laminine OMEGA+++. Compared with stage I in group C, the downregulation of LDL in stage II in group A was not significant. However, for those who have problems with high triglycerides, doubling up on Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++ may bring things back to normal in the short term.

These data show that Laminine OMEGA+++ helps to downregulate cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides and blood pressure levels (Group B), but the overall benefit is more pronounced when taken together with Laminine (Group C after Phase I and Group A after Phase I ). two).

A study of this size estimates an error rate of about 30%. Therefore, although the results of this study are encouraging, additional testing with a larger sample size is needed to validate the results.


People who are allergic to eggs should consult their doctor before taking Laminine®. Pregnant women should consult their physician before taking Laminine®.

Effects of Immune+++ and Thymine on Normal White Blood Cell Count


The aim of the study was to test the effect of LifePharm IMMUNE+++ independently and in combination with Laminine on total white blood cell (lymphocyte) counts, including natural killer cells, B cells and T cells. This was a 12-week placebo-controlled study.

A total of 10 people participated in the study, divided into three groups: A, B, and C. Group A received placebo, group B received IMMUNE+++ alone, and group C received IMMUNE+++ and laminine.

An increase in white blood cells can be considered an indicator of a positive effect of a dietary supplement. Overall, white blood cell counts were downregulated in the placebo group, but significantly increased in groups B and C.


White blood cell counts can fluctuate daily or even hourly, and can be affected by a variety of factors, especially illnesses caused by bacterial and viral infections. Therefore, all participants in this sample were screened at the first blood draw at week 0 and at the end of week 12 and were classified as healthy and not immunocompromised.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (6)


IMMUNE+++ is a proprietary combination of:

  • Opti-Shield Blend: Polysaccharide Complex, Reishi, Maitake and Turkey Tail Mushrooms
  • Life-C Blend: Pure Vitamin C with Citrus Bioflavonoids and Lipid Metabolites
  • Herbal and Botanical Blend: Camu Camu, Acerola, Ashwagandha, Sea Buckthorn and Pomegranate

IMMUNE+++ is available in enteric-coated tablet form.

Laminine is a proprietary blend of fertilized bird egg extract, vegetable protein and fish protein. This combination provides the body with the complete chain of 22 amino acids necessary for cellular health. Laminin is a powder in capsule form.

Group A received a placebo in the morning and evening. This part of the study was double-blind.

Group B took one IMMUNE+++ tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening. This part of the study was double-blind.

Group C took one Laminine capsule and one IMMUNE+++ tablet in the morning and evening. This part of the study was not double-blind. Both the participant and the treating physician knew that people in this group were taking both laminine and IMMUNE+++.

Participants in the study were between the ages of 18 and 85.

participant results

total white blood cells

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (7)

Overall, group B (12 weeks of supplementation with IMMUNE+++ alone) showed an overall improvement in blood counts of 12.6%, but group C (12 weeks of supplementation with laminine and IMMUNE+++) had the most significant positive change at 53.8%.

B cell count

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (8)

Mean B-cell count reduction of 16.8 in Group A (placebo supplementation for 12 weeks) compared to more significant positive changes in Group B (immunization +++ for 12 weeks) and Group C (laminin and immune +++) %. 12 weeks).

T cell count

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (9)

T cell counts in Groups A (Placebo), B (Immune +++) and C (Laminin and Immune +++) followed similar trends, with participants in Group C experiencing the most significant changes .

natural killer cell count

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (10)

The total number of natural killer cells decreased by an average of 1.9% in group B and by 21.6% in group C.

statistical results

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (11)
The results showed that the total white blood cell count was statistically significant (p<0.05).
Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (12)
The results showed that the T cell count was statistically significant (p<0.5).
Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (13) Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (14)
The results showed B cell counts were statistically significant (p<0.5).


Results were assessed by an external statistician. Results for total white blood cell, T cell, and B cell counts were statistically significant compared to data before and after supplementation with IMMUNE+++. Comparing group A with group C and group B with group C, B cell counts showed statistical significance.

Both statistical analyzes assume that the data are normally distributed. The subject population was small, but each subject was measured before and after 12 weeks of supplementation; therefore, these differences could be assessed.


As expected, individual results in group A were variable, but on average all subjects showed downregulation of white blood cells.

Despite the downregulation of natural killer cells in group B, the results for this group were overall positive. Despite the small sample size, the results in arm C (one portion of Laminine and one portion of IMMUNE+++ twice daily) were the most meaningful and encouraging. Natural killer cells, B cells, T cells, and total white blood cells all increased significantly during the 12-week period, suggesting that IMMUNE+++ is more effective when taken with Laminine. Overall, the results of panels B and C suggest that IMMUNE+++ may help raise white blood cell counts into the normal range. When combined with Laminine, IMMUNE+++ can increase counts within the normal range and can more effectively support healthy immune function in individuals of different ages and genders.

Statistical analysis was performed by J.B. Spalding, Ph.D., professor emeritus of statistics at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

Dietary Supplements Laminine® and DIGESTIVE+++ Improve Gut Health, Showing Increased Production of Short-Chain Fatty Acids, Especially Butyrate, in the Colon, a Pilot Clinical Study Finds

A pilot clinical study was conducted to monitor the effectiveness of two dietary supplements (Laminine and DIGESTIVE+++) taken by subjects over a four-week period.

Dietary supplement DIGESTIVE+++ contains a prebiotic blend of fructo-oligosaccharides, Jerusalem artichoke (90% inulin), dandelion leaves and yacon root. In addition, the dietary supplement DIGESTIVE+++ contains spore-forming probioticsBacillus coagulans.This product also contains a digestive enzyme blend to digest protein (various pH levels), carbohydrates, lactose and fat. The enzyme blend consists of amylase, three different proteases, alpha-galactosidase, glucoamylase, lactase, sucrase, lipase, acid maltase, peptidase and linseed oil.

Subjects took 2 capsules of Laminine per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) and 1 capsule of DIGESTIVE+++ twice daily (i.e. 1 capsule with each of the 2 heaviest meals of the day). Ideally, the dietary supplement DIGESTIVE+++ should be taken 30 minutes before a meal but at least within the same hour after a meal for 4 weeks.

Subjects were asked to abstain from other dietary supplements prior to the study and to provide physicians with an initial stool sample at baseline and again four weeks after supplementation. Post-trial data from subjects with Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (Genova Diagnostics, Asheville, NC) showed a significant increase (28%) in both total short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) and butyrate production. Dietary carbohydrates, resistant starch, and some dietary fibers are substrates for fermentation that yield SCFAs, particularly acetate, propionate, and butyrate, as end products. The rate and amount of SCFA production depends on the type and amount of microbiota present in the colon, substrate source and intestinal transit time. SCFAs are easily absorbed. Propionate is mainly absorbed by the liver. Acetate enters the peripheral circulation and is metabolized by peripheral tissues. Butyrate is the main energy source for colonocytes.

Increased butyrate production benefits gut health, study finds

The role of butyrate in nourishing the colonic mucosa has been studied. It is the substrate of choice for colon cells to enhance their healthy function. The use of butyrate by colonocytes has been shown to regulate global mutations in the DNA of mucosal cells, leading to an overgrowth of dysregulated cells, such as those involved in tumor formation. It promotes cell differentiation, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of mutant colon cells. Increased SCFA production and release, especially butyrate, into the distal colon has been shown to be protective.

Initial animal and human studies have shown that SCFAs can regulate normal gastrointestinal function and structure. Increases in these components indicate that the gut is rebuilding a healthier microbiome, alleviating some irritable bowel diseases and creating a healthier gut lining.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (15)

Benefits of Short Chain Fatty Acids (CFAs)

Short-chain fatty acids (the total combination of butyrate, acetate, and propionate) are produced by anaerobic bacterial fermentation of dietary fibers such as fructo-oligosaccharides and inulin, which remain undigested until they reach the colonic region. Colonic bacteria use these fibers as a fuel source, which then produces SCFAs. These in turn provide an optimal source of energy for the cells lining the digestive tract and large intestine. SCFA:

  • Provides energy to cells in the digestive tract.
  • Acts as a normalizer by removing sodium and water from the colon.
  • Improves blood circulation in the colon.
  • Prevents colonization of the intestinal tract by pathogens.
  • Provides 5-30% of the body's daily energy needs.
  • Regulates intestinal absorption of ammonia.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (16)

Butyrate supports normalized inflammatory responses in the gut

During the 4-week study, subjects increased butyrate production by an average of 28%. Clinical evidence of increased butyrate production supports normalization of intestinal inflammation. Butyrate is the fuel of choice for colon cells. When the cells lining the gut are properly nourished and healthy, inflammation is regulated. This ensures stronger integrity of the intestinal lining, helping to prevent leaks and tears. Butyrate has been shown to modulate inflammatory markers in certain imbalances in the colon and gastrointestinal tract. People with intestinal discomfort and irritation, including those with diarrhea, tend to have lower total SCFAs.

DIGESTIVE+++ Contains ProbioticsBacillus coagulansIt remains intact during digestion because it is one of the few spore-forming Lactobacillus types. Protective spores help colonizing bacteria stay alive during digestion, and research shows it persists in the colon as a potent probiotic. When the gut is populated with good probiotics, the gut lining improves, gastrointestinal discomfort decreases and healthy gut function is restored. Supplementation with LifePharm's laminin and DIGESTIVE+++ dietary supplements showed an increase in short-chain fatty acids (especially colonic butyrate) over a relatively short period of time. The formulations of the probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes products developed by LifePharm are formulated through scientific research evaluating each selected ingredient. Taking DIGESTIVE+++ with Laminin as directed has been proven to support optimal digestive tract and colon health.

Subjects taking two Laminine supplements twice daily and applying Lamiderm Apex Skin Serum to the face twice daily showed a significant increase in collagen and elastin units, as measured by 3D magnified skin analysis photographs

A group of 9 subjects (4 females and 5 males) underwent a baseline examination and after 6 months applied Lamiderm Apex High Performance Skin Serum to their faces twice daily. Subjects also took 2 capsules of Laminine twice daily for 6 months. Subjects were assessed monthly using a 3D skin analyzer (GA-2000), which provides real-time three-dimensional images. High-resolution photos (2560 × 1920) with a 5.0-megapixel sensor are stored in a special computer program. Baseline photos can be compared with those taken after the treatment period to observe differences in skin integrity parameters. Convert images to unit values ​​for collagen, elasticity, sebum, pores, acne, pigment, sensitivity and moisture. The researchers assessed changes in collagen and elastin units over 6 months.

The results assessed the difference in collagen units from baseline and after 6 months of product use. Statistical evaluation of all groups (corresponding sample t-tests) showed a significant or very significant increase in collagen units in the groups of 9 subjects as well as in the female and male groups. The same was true for elastin levels measured from the relevant samples tested, as all groups showed highly significant or very significant increases in elastin units. The results of the study showed that when Lamiderm Apex was applied topically and left on the face overnight, along with the dietary supplement Laminine, all subjects showed extremely significant improvements in their skin.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (17)

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (18)

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (19)

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (20)

Zoomed-in 3D analyzer photo with contrast image (left corner) showing changes in skin elastin in male subjects

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (21)

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (22)

Enlarged 3D analyzer photo and comparison image (left corner) showing changes in skin collagen of female subjects

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (23)

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (24)

Overview of the Safety and Efficacy Study of Lamiderm Apex Serum Twice Daily in 20 Female Volunteers Aged 35 to 65

The safety and efficacy of Lamiderm Apex High Performance Skin Serum was evaluated in a study by the allergy and dermatology research laboratory Dermatest GmbH (Münster, Germany, 2017). Twenty subjects applied Lamiderm Apex to clean faces in the morning and at night before bed. State-of-the-art dermatological testing equipment confirms the effectiveness of Lamiderm Apex in reducing wrinkles, lightening dark spots and increasing elasticity - all with dramatic differences before and after using Lamiderm Apex.

Wrinkle depth was measured using the PRIMOS Optical 3D handheld in vivo measurement device, which measures skinfold depth in individual folds. Differences in wrinkle reduction between the 20 subjects were measured using a paired t-test and found to be statistically significant (Wilcoxon paired test, p<0.001), with an average wrinkle reduction of 31.77%. Since the production of collagen fibers may be required to reduce wrinkles, the 3D skin analyzer readings can be correlated with the improved collagen units from the 3D scanner.

In the clinical Dermatest study, skin elasticity was measured using a standard skin elastometer (Cutometer MPA 580 from Courage+Khazaka electronics GmbH). The observed changes proved to be statistically significant for 20 subjects (matched samples t-test, p<0.001) and after 4 weeks of application of Lamiderm Apex Serum, there was an average increase in elasticity of 14.62%. The elasticity value of the dermatometer can be correlated with the elastin unit of the 3D skin analyzer.

In the Dermatest clinical study, age spot lightening was examined before and after a 4-week period of use using spectrophotometry. Age spots (age spots, sun spots) are skin imperfections related to age and exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Skin tone Melanin is what causes age spots to form. These patches can range in color from light brown to red or black and appear on areas most exposed to the sun, especially the hands, arms, shoulders and face. Almost 90% of people over the age of 60 have age spots on their skin. The CM 700d (Konica Minolta Sensing) spectrophotometer used allows high-resolution measurements with standard C-type illumination (Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage: International Commission on Illumination). The sensor unit measures the spectral reflectance of different wavelengths or narrow wavelength ranges of the dark spot being evaluated. Albedo data is calculated to provide standard color values, enabling the results to be presented numerically. In a study of 20 subjects using Lamiderm Apex Skin Serum for 4 weeks, the results showed an average lightening effect of 7.40%, which was statistically significant (paired t-test, p<0.001).

Laminin contains 9-day extract of fertilized egg and high-quality protein (shark cartilage and pea). Recent studies have shown that LifePharm's proprietary egg extract contains multiple growth factors as well as Fibroblast Growth Factor 2. These are transforming growth factor B-1 (TGFB-1) and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF). They were found to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and fibronectin (wound repair fibers) in human dermal fibroblast cultures (Lloyd K, Suyanto W, Hinek A, 2016). Fibroblasts are the most abundant cells in skin and connective tissue, and their main function is to secrete collagen and elastin to enhance tissue strength, texture and function. Fibronectin fibers in human dermal fibroblasts were increased by 350% after treatment with LifePharm's proprietary egg extract. Fibronectin is the extracellular matrix fiber responsible for wound repair and scar reduction.

Lamiderm Apex High Performance Serum also contains a proprietary blend of blueberry, pomegranate, strawberry, kiwi and cranberry fruit extracts, known for their antioxidant protection and reversal of UV damage. Proprietary extracts of alpine herbs and plants have been shown to effectively inhibit the production of melanin and lighten age spots. Vitamin C is also an effective skin lightening agent. In a comprehensive research report, all ingredients are evaluated for their effective concentration in the product and meet the highest European quality and safety standards.

Lamiderm Apex High Performance Serum received a 5-star "Excellent" rating from Dermatest GmbH because it was clinically tested by dermatologists for safety and non-allergenicity. Long-term use of the serum has no irritation. It also received an "excellent" rating for effectively improving skin, as it has been shown to be effective in reducing wrinkles, reducing dark spots and increasing elasticity. Dietary supplementation with laminin can stimulate skin elasticity and collagen production by providing the skin with growth factors and nutrients from the blood supply. Laminin provides high quality protein, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, phospholipids and nutrients essential for all types of cellular nutrition. Clinical studies have shown that protein supplements can affect the texture, elasticity and thickness of human skin. A synergistic combination of oral dietary supplement and Lamiderm Apex skin serum shows clear evidence to reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity (firmness) and lighten dark spots.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Fertilized Bird Egg Extract in Laminine® is also present in:

Laminine® OMEGA+++

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Cells are often referred to as the building blocks of life because all living organisms are made of one or more cells, and all the cells that make up the various tissues of humans are derived from pre-existing cells. All vital bodily functions take place in cells, and most importantly, cells contain the genetic information needed to regulate cell function. Changes in cellular function occur due to factors such as diet, environment, exercise and stress. Nutrition is the most important thing.

Dietary supplements are used to supplement deficiencies or intakes of normal daily nutritional requirements. When nutrients are not properly absorbed or metabolized, homeostasis is disrupted and the body may not function properly, leading to illness or disease. For example, vitamin C deficiency can lead to diseases such as scurvy and a higher risk of death, while doses of vitamin C above minimum levels can benefit the heart (1).

Several naturally occurring polypeptide proteins are involved in cell regeneration and cell growth. These peptide factors are proteins that occur naturally in our bodies. They are involved in many aspects of repair and healing such as: B. Cell growth, proliferation, increase in vasculature and transformation of stem cells into specific cells in our body (3). Usually it is a protein structure. They often act as signal transmitters between cells, helping to regulate our bodies. As such, they play an important role in maintaining health and well-being. Some of these protein factors play important roles in many aspects of maintaining health. Not only are they involved in cell growth, but they can also play a role in development and healing. They also help stem cells keep growing and staying the same. Several protein factors may play important roles in wound healing and enhanced bone and cartilage formation (4). Insufficient levels of certain protein factors have been shown to play a key role in causing excessive anxiety (5).

Telomeres are the part of the DNA material at the ends of chromosomes that protect chromosomes from decay (like the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces). Recent studies have shown that telomeres play an important role in healthy cell division and cellular aging. Over time, cell division occurs and new cells replace old cells to renew the organ system. Telomere length and telomerase (an enzyme that repairs and lengthens shortened telomeres) have now been shown to be involved in the aging process. Thus, telomere length and telomerase activity are associated with less damage to cell division, helping to maintain healthy cell division. Telomere length has attracted the interest of scientists as an indicator of cellular integrity and programmed cellular senescence, or senescence. Telomerase has been found to restore lost base pairs at the ends of chromosomes, thereby restoring some degree of chromosome length and function.

They play an important role in preventing cellular senescence in humans (6,7). With each cell division, telomeres shorten. Telomere shortening plays a crucial role in all aspects of aging and disease (8). However, telomerase can lengthen telomeres by rejoining lost nucleotide sequences at the ends of existing chromosomes. If telomerase is activated in a cell, the cell can continue to divide. Otherwise, the battery will age and may be damaged or deteriorated. Therefore, higher telomerase activity in cells may be more beneficial for maintaining normal cellular function and youth (9).

Laminin helps maintain normal cell growth

We studied the effect of laminin on skin cells to assess growth and repair (Figure 1). We use varying concentrations of laminin on skin fibroblast cultures to ensure product safety and not inhibit cell proliferation, a hallmark of growth and healing. In this experiment, we cultured dermal fibroblasts in multi-well dishes using growth media containing varying concentrations of laminin. We incubated cells for one week and analyzed cell growth using the neutral red assay, a well-established and widely used cytotoxicity test that allows quantitative estimation of the number of viable cells (11). Data suggest laminin is nontoxic to cells and may help maintain normal cell growthin vitro(figure 1).

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (25) Figure 1:Effect of laminin on dermal fibroblasts compared with a standard growth method (control). Laminin 1, Laminin 2: Different batches of laminin. Arrows indicate predicted physiological concentrations of laminin in a person of average weight (150 lbs) ingesting one laminin capsule.

Telomerase activity in subjects who consumed four laminins per day for ninety days

Since telomerase activity may play a crucial role in maintaining health and longevity, we next tested blood samples from patients taking laminine for telomerase activity. Eight subjects ingested 4 laminins per day for 90 days. We drew blood samples from subjects on days 7 and 1 (Pre) before laminine consumption and 30 and 90 days after laminine consumption to determine whether laminine altered telomerase activity (Fig. 2). The data showed that 50% of patients had an increase in telomerase activity and no decrease in telomerase activity during the three-month study. On average, these eight patients had an overall increase in telomerase activity.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (26)

figure 2.A) Relative telomerase activity of each sample: 4.5 × 10 crude lysates3Check the cells of each sample for telomerase activity. Relative telomerase activity (RTA) was determined by correcting for heat-inactivated lysates; by normalizing each response to an independent internal control; compared to RTA of 4.5 x 10 crude lysates3HeLa cells. The fold change in RTA at 30 days and 90 days after treatment was recorded compared to the mean of the two RTAs before treatment.

Dietary supplements have been shown to have many benefits. Dietary supplements range from standard vitamins necessary to maintain health, such as vitamin C, to alternative dietary supplements that contain active ingredients that activate other proteins and cause physiological changes in our bodies. In this article, we review Laminine, a product that isn't your standard nutritional supplement but may have cell growth and healing benefits. In order to understand how a dietary supplement works, it is necessary to identify its active ingredients and primary mechanism of action.

We conducted a study to ensure product safetyin vitroSkin fibroblasts were tested using Laminine products. This is to ensure that the product does not inhibit cell growth and is not cytotoxic (Figure 1), which we verified using a neutral red assay.

Our next step is to examine systemic changes following individual consumption of laminin. To this end, we had eight subjects take blood samples 7 and 1 day before starting the recommended laminin dose to establish a baseline for testing immune cells in the blood. We chose to study factors that affect cell growth, healing, repair and longevity.

We observed telomerase activity (Figure 2). Data suggest that 50% of patients may have improved telomerase activity. Whether this leads to longer telomeres in these individuals remains to be seen. Notably, there was no significant decrease in telomerase activity during the three-month study period, suggesting no adverse effects on quinbutinin use.

Taken together, our data suggest that laminin is a dietary supplement that is safe to take daily and can support endogenous host repair, healing, and growth.

Subjects Taking REFIVE Supplement Kit Containing 2 Laminic Acids, 1 OMEGA, 1 Immunizer and 1 Digestive for Ninety Days Showed Improvements in Key Health Indicators

REFIVE clinical research

All five Lifepharm products have been combined into one airtight package for convenience, freshness and preservation. This pack contains two Laminine capsules, one OMEGA+++ capsule, one IMMUNE+++ tablet and one DIGESTIVE+++ capsule. There are thirty packs per box.

Physicians at a health and wellness clinic in Diamond Bar, CA conducted a clinical study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of subjects taking REFIVE packs for 90 days. Twelve subjects (age 32-68) took one sachet of REFIVE daily for 90 days. Subjects signed voluntary informed consent and received information about each dietary supplement included in the REFIVE package. The subjects avoided taking other dietary supplements and were asked to maintain a normal diet and lifestyle. Subjects were asked to fast the evening and morning before blood collection. Blood was drawn at baseline (before taking the supplement) and on days 30, 60, and 90 during treatment. Parameters assessed included a standard comprehensive metabolic panel conducted by Quest Diagnostics. Parameters measured include cholesterol, LDL (low-density lipoprotein), non-HDL (non-high-density lipoprotein), dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), triglycerides, blood glucose, cortisol, creatinine, and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) , including a complete blood count. These parameters are considered valuable.

Results: Cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and cortisol were the parameters that showed significant improvement in this group and were considered good indicators of the effectiveness of the combined dietary supplement. Values ​​for other blood lipoproteins or ratios sometimes showed baseline and treatment values ​​outside the normal range and were therefore not considered. Creatinine and blood urea nitrogen remained within the normal range throughout the clinical treatment period, indicating safety. The subjects' DHEA levels remained fairly stable throughout the supplementation period. This is a valuable indicator that the product is not affecting this steroid hormone. DHEA, as the most abundant steroid hormone, is an intermediate in the synthesis of androgenic and estrogenic steroids.

Conclusions: Remarkably, several key health parameters showed fairly consistent positive changes across the study's participant population. A short questionnaire included comments on achieved bowel regularity. General comments include topics expressing well-being and daytime energy and focus. For many participants, sleep improved. One night shift worker and four other participants responded that they seemed stronger and better able to cope with work stress and family problems (problems with grown children, recently deceased parents, caring for an elderly or sick parent). All subjects were willing to participate and adhere to regular intake of dietary supplements. Subject responses were positive, with no comments or reports of adverse effects.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (27)

Maintenance of blood sugar levels improved in 85% of subjects.

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels helps prevent damage to blood vessels, because the side effects of high blood sugar and its glycation end products can damage blood vessel tissue and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Controlling high blood sugar improves blood flow to vital organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, legs, feet, and nervous system.

Two peer-reviewed studies have shown that taking 2-4 laminine capsules daily for three months, laminine helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels as measured by HA1-C. Laminin can be considered a supplement that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels while doctors closely monitor patients' blood sugar levels and take prescribed medications correctly.

71% of subjects showed improved maintenance of cholesterol levels.

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels can help reduce the buildup of plaque in your arteries, reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke. OMEGA+++ contains not only pure and recommended ratios of EPA and DHA (as sources of omega-3 fatty acids), but also CoQ-10 and vitamin K2. Co-Q-10 supports metabolism and energy production in the mitochondria of cardiomyocytes. Vitamin K2 has been shown to support blood vessel elasticity because biochemicals that use vitamin K2 as a cofactor remove calcium from plaque formation and transport it back to bone for better mineralization and bone strength.

100% of subjects showed improved maintenance of triglyceride levels.

High triglyceride levels indicate that a person is consuming more calories from carbohydrates than they burn. This excess sugar is converted into a type of fat called triglycerides. High triglycerides can lead to hardening and thickening of arterial walls, which increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular disease. High triglycerides have also been linked to inflammation of the pancreas.

High triglycerides have been linked to obesity and metabolic syndrome, which includes accumulation of visceral and body fat around the waist, high blood pressure, and abnormal high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. All of these are indicators of unhealthy conditions.

To reduce bad fats in the blood, it's important to exercise, eat a diet low in carbohydrates and animal fats, and eat good fats like olive oil, fish oil, avocados and nuts. Numerous human studies have shown that consuming omega-3 fatty acids can help maintain healthy triglyceride levels.

FGF2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor-2) in laminin has been shown to support pancreatic cell function. The amino acid profile in laminin also includes amino acids that have been shown to support pancreatic cells.

86% of subjects experienced an improvement in their decline in cortisol levels.

Cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone, suggesting that it can be harmful and consistently elevated beyond its normal function in the body. When a person encounters a perceived threat, such as the barking of a large dog, an area in the brain triggers an alarm system in the body. In response to this "threat," hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released.

Adrenaline increases heart rate, blood pressure and boosts energy levels when the body prepares to "fight or flee" a perceived danger. Cortisol raises blood sugar levels, provides the brain with energy for reactions, and increases the amount of substances needed for tissue repair. This is a great survival tool in panic situations.

Higher cortisol levels alter the immune system and suppress the digestive, reproductive and growth systems. This complex natural alarm system also communicates with areas of the brain that control mood, motivation and anxiety. Once the "threat" has passed, adrenaline and cortisol levels return to normal, heart rate and blood pressure return to normal, and other body systems resume their normal activities.

However, the "fight or flight" response can still be activated when stress persists and a person feels constantly attacked, anxious, or worried. Excessive exposure to cortisol and other stress hormones can disrupt nearly every bodily process. This puts individuals at increased risk for many health problems, including:

anxiety heart disease
depressed sleep disorder
digestive problems weight gain
Headache memory and concentration problems

In several preliminary human studies, depletion of laminin reduced cortisol levels. The key growth factors in LifePharm Growth Factor Extract (FGF2) support neural responses in brain regions known to reduce anxiety, which influences good mental and emotional responses. Scientists observed these reactions occurring at the genetic or DNA level. They also observed that people who experienced chronic high stress showed more degeneration in the protective strands of their DNA, called telomeres, than normal people. A clinical study showed that subjects taking Laminine (4 capsules per day) for ninety days activated the DNA repair mechanism (telomerase), thereby restoring telomere integrity and length. Along with better cell division or proliferation, tissue repair results in healthier aging. Published studies have shown that high-stress individuals caring for a spouse with Alzheimer's disease, mothers raising children with disabilities, and veterans have shorter telomere lengths than matched controls.


Previously reported clinical trials and basic research have established that Lifepharm's dietary supplement formulations contain nutrients that support beneficial functions in the body. All supplements are provided in one convenient package that encourages regular daily consumption. Notably, positive clinical outcomes and safety have been observed with any dietary supplement taken daily for ninety days.

Using Laminine products to support cellular benefits and regenerative functions is beneficial for the overall repair and regeneration of healthy cells. A previous study showed that when Laminine and Omega+++ were taken together, there was a lowering effect on cholesterol and triglycerides, whereas OMEGA+++ alone had no effect.

In previous pilot studies, increases in total white blood cells, B cells, and T cells were observed when subjects took Immune+++. The effect was even greater when laminine was taken together, indicating that immune cells seemed to respond well to IMMUNE+++ products, but the effect was enhanced when laminine and IMMUNE++++ were taken together.

We also know that the digestive system is key to optimal health by balancing proper digestive function and immune system function. Digestion +++ Studies have shown that it improves the lining of the gut, preventing pathogens or cellular by-products such as gluten, allergens, or undigested food particles from entering the bloodstream.

It is worth noting that taking all supplements together on a daily basis can have a positive effect on many bodily functions. After three months of daily use of the REFIVE package, it was encouraging to see high responses on typical parameters often used to assess general health. This investigation requires further research by a larger research group.

Instructions for Adult Use: Take one packet of the accompanying supplement daily. Please observe the ingredient information on the packaging. This product contains fish and eggs. So avoid it if you are allergic to it. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are ill, pregnant or breastfeeding.

NOTE: These photos are for shape, color and imprint identification only. They do not represent actual or relative sizes.

Product samples shown here are provided by the manufacturer and reproduced in color by PDR as a quick reference aid for identification. While every effort has been made to ensure accurate reproduction, please remember that any visual identification should be considered preliminary. In case of poisoning or suspected overdose, chemical analysis should be performed to verify the identity of the drug.

Laminin | Full Prescribing Information (28)


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