The best cruising catamarans (2023)

The best cruising catamarans (1)

Cruising catamarans have been around for decades, but early models—often plywood and fiberglass boats that owners built from plans and kits—kept the boats on the fringes of mainstream yachting. However, that all changed when the sailors set out to spot the big, roomy felinePaperIn the Caribbean, multihulls have proven themselves as comfortable liveaboards and party boats.

Today's ocean-going catamarans sail around the world, transporting families to exotic locations in the Pacific Ocean and beyond. Like their monohull cousins, there is no best catamaran. Instead, there are various designssmall catamaranFrom offering easy maintenance that a couple might love, to high performance catamarans that can easily cover 250 miles a day. Today, the best catamaran brands offer models in different sizes and layouts that can be optimized for the charter market where owners are sailing with family and friends or need four, five or even six cabin value accommodation.

The most prolific catamaran builders are in France and South Africa, where there are both high-volume builders and niche players building fewer than 10 boats a year.


The best cruising catamarans offer good carrying capacity and respectable performance. like everyonesailboatModern catamaran designs are the result of compromises. Sword or keel? Kitchen up or down? Spacious master cabin or extra berth? There are so many options to choose from - that's what makes these sailboats so much fun to look at!

Here is an eclectic A to Z list of some of the best catamarans that have shaped the evolution of our lives and sailed on catamaran hulls.

Antares 44i

The best cruising catamarans (2)

Now built in Argentina as a full-fledged bluewater catamaran and cruiser, capable of being safely operated by a short handle couple or family crewAntares 44iWith a fully covered cockpit, four large standard solar panels embedded in the hard top, it is an example of a yacht suitable for long distance cruising.


Atlantic Ocean 42

The best cruising catamarans (3)

Almost 30 years ago, yacht designer Chris White revolutionized catamaran design with his first Atlantic Cat range, featuring an innovative midship sailing cockpit forward of the main cabin. the smallest Atlantic line,dead 42Always White's most popular design.

Bahia 46

The best cruising catamarans (4)

fountain paioBahia 46 has built so many great cruising catamarans it's hard to narrow it down to a single boat, but we've always been fans of the good looking and well designed Bahia 46. At 46 feet, this boat is long enough for offshore adventures and has plenty of volume; with its simple but powerful sail plan, it's also an excellent performer.

Katana 471

The best cruising catamarans (5)

French manufacturer Catana was one of the first to produce fully found cruising cats for private individuals starting around 1996, and Christophe Barreau's design, produced for almost a decade from 1997 to 2006, was the first generation of safes Symbol, the fun and leggy offshore traveler.


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Katana 50

The best cruising catamarans (6)

When it comes to speed, light boats are fast. These are exotic modern materials like carbon if you want to save weight. Catana is now infusing carbon fiber into its entire line of laminates, and for this list we've chosen the Catana 50 Carbon, one of the most agile felines currently crossing the ocean.

Click hereLearn about a couple's charter on a Catana 50.


Gemini 105M

The best cruising catamarans (7)

Pioneering catamaran sailor, builder and designer Tony Smith launched his first 33ft Gemini 105M (10.5m = 33ft) in 1993 and was quickly followed by willing sailors keen on compact boats. The size of the boat and the affordable price, and like sophisticated elevator and transom stages.

Click here to learn more about the Gemini Legacy 35.

Gunboat 62

The best cruising catamarans (8)

Built between 2000 and 2005, the Gunboat 62 firmly established the Gunboat brand: the all-rounder applying powerboat technology to a world cruising platform. Hull number 1, Tribe, was built for company founder Peter Johnstone, who then went on a year-and-a-half cruise with his family, smiling the entire time.

Cronos 45

The best cruising catamarans (9)

french architectHenry VauquezBest known for a long career building monohulls, but his 1992 Kronos 45 Cat was ahead of her time. The classic lines, the rear "targa bar" above the cockpit, the louvered sunroof in the cabin, even the distinctive stripes on the hull: the Kronos 45 never goes out of style.

Lagoon 380

The best cruising catamarans (10)

No cruise roundup would be complete without a few Lagoon entries, and perhaps the best of this impressive group is the Lagoon 380. Originally launched in 1999, valued for its combination of quality, size and performance, over 740 boats have been built with 380 still going strong.

Lagoon 440

The best cruising catamarans (11)

Five years after the groundbreaking 380, the Lagoon 440 is an evolutionary design featuring a raised flybridge bridge, a unique 'gull wing' configuration below the bridge deck, enlarged hull windows and more. With 400 boats built in a six year production run, the 440 was a huge success.

Lagoon 620

The best cruising catamarans (12)

How big can a production cart be and still be operated by a tight crew? Lagoon builders found the 62ft yacht a perfect fit for the market and have sold more than 70 since its launch in 2010. At the heart of the design is the stunning helm station on the flybridge, with sweeping sea and sky views.

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Leopard 40

The best cruising catamarans (13)

With an unparalleled pedigree - designed by leading multihull naval architects Gino Morelli and Pete Melvin, built by the renowned Robertson & Caine shipyard in South Africa and commissioned by charter giant The Moorings - the Leopard 40 probably comes as no surprise ,cruise worldimport ofboat of the yearIn 2005.

Louisiana 37

The best cruising catamarans (14)

Designed by Joubert/Nivelt and launched by builder Fountaine-Pajot in 1983, the Louisiane 37 is based on the famous French catamaran Charente-Maritime and is a light, fast and well-appointed liveaboard cruiser, representing the same style as the heavy British The sailing boat was a radical departure from the catamarans that preceded him.

maine coon 30

The best cruising catamarans (15)

At its core, the cool Maine Coon 30 is one of the most versatile and intelligent cats ever created. The open deck/living room sits between the hulls and is covered by a strong permanent hardtop (where the comfortable accommodation/cabins are located). hull). Perfect for wintering in the Bahamas, but with the ability to navigate the seas, it's the boat for all seasons and occasions.

bat 42

The best cruising catamarans (16)

The Florida-built Manta family of catamarans has become popular with owners with over 120 boats built between the company's inception in 1993 and 2009. It includes 38, 40 and 44 foot catamarans. However, for this exercise we will be showing the original Manta 42, which won Best Overall in the 2001 CW Boat of the Year competition.

Berth 4800/Leopard 48

The best cruising catamarans (17)

Another collaboration between Leopard and Moorings was built by the wizardry of Robertson & Caine (although the boat was designed by fellow South African Alex Simonis), the Leopard 48continuous waveGet the boat of the year award with all the modern bells and whistles: forward cockpit, flybridge bridge and solid hardtop Dodge, to name a few.

Click hereLearn more about Leopard 48, andClick hereSee more pictures.

Sailing 441

The best cruising catamarans (18)

Best Multihull Under 45 Feet: Here's What The CW Judges Say About The Nautitech 441 In The 2013 Best Sailing Yacht Of The Year. But what makes this versatile platform so fascinating is the different control arrangements. The 441 is fitted with a single starboard wheel, ideal for solo sailors, while the 442 has a pair of helm stations aft.

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Overseas 5X

The best cruising catamarans (19)

The 59-foot Outremer 5X is a state-of-the-art all-ocean cat that exemplifies the advancements in multihull design. She is a winner on both sides of the Atlantic and was awarded top honors at the 2013 European Annual Sailing Regatta. Subsequently recognized as Best Full-Size Multihull of the Yearcontinuous wavegame a year later.

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St. Francis 50

The best cruising catamarans (20)

The flagship of the St Francis range - built in South Africa since 1990 and designed by local legend Lavranos Marine Design - the St Francis 50 is another 'luxury cat' with much in common with its previous 48ft sistership, the Packs , but more payload in its roomy lines.

Click hereLearn more about Saint Francis 50

Sea Breeze 1000

The best cruising catamarans (21)

Founded by Australian surfer and sailor Richard Ward in 1982, the 33-foot Seawind 1000 is easily Australia's most popular cruising cat ever (the company has moved its manufacturing and management to Vietnam). Spacious and breezy, these cats define the shores of East Oz.

Sea Breeze 1160

The best cruising catamarans (22)

If the Seawind 1000 is a minimalist approach to cruising, the 38ft Seawind 1160 is the flip side of the coin, a full-fledged long-distance boat. mentioned in the reasoncontinuous waveThe most innovative boat of 2007 is the unique 'tri-fold' door, which stows overhead to open the saloon and cockpit into the spacious living area.

Click hereLearn more about Seawind 1160.

Canopy 384

The best cruising catamarans (23)

Every sailboat is a compromise, and for the Sunsail 384 (also sold privately as the Leopard 38), that's a good thing, as designers Morrelli & Melvin and builders Robertson and Caine have put together the best of both worlds on this relatively small catamaran. There is just the right balance on board. With four cabins, the 384 can carry bareboat charter guests as tall as her larger siblings, albeit at a noticeably faster pace. The vessel was named CW's 2010 Import Ship of the Year and the crew could be seen grinning as they navigated the Sir Francis Drake Channel in the British Virgin Islands.

Victoria 67

The best cruising catamarans (24)

French design studio Berret Racoupeau created the lines for Fountaine-Pajot's new flagship launched in 2013, a magnificent world-cruising catamaran. Like other giant cats that have hit the market in recent years, this boat has a stunning upper deck with all sail controls, rudder and mooring stations.

Click hereSee more pictures of Victoria 67.

waram tanaroa

The best cruising catamarans (25)

No list of influential multihulls would be complete without the work of James Wharram, and while Tangaroa is by no means a serial cat, it shows the British designer's respect for ancient Polynesian vessels. Wharram sailed across the Atlantic in this 23-foot-6 "double-hull canoe" in the 1950s and sold countless plans for similar boats over the decades.

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