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The Best Fast Food Fish Buns Ranked - The Daily Meal (1)

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VonTamara Warta|Jan. 27., 2023 1:55 Uhr EST

Fish sandwiches are always the dark horse at fast food restaurants. With burgers always being the face of the fast-food industry, we've seen efforts to keep burgers relevant over the past few years, including plant-based options that have enjoyed varying degrees of success across the country.

The other big trend in recent history is the chicken sandwich. Almost every chain sent their contender into the ring for the ultimate chicken sandwich after Popeye's nightly success led to extreme mayhem.

And yet the fish sandwich remains quiet, consistent and available on many menus. Since their introduction in restaurants like McDonald's in the 1960s, about 23% of these are sold during Lent each year (viaSmithsonian Magazine). Ideal for those following specific diets or who prefer a slightly healthier option, the fish sandwich delivers. However, not all are created equal. Read on to find out which fast food chains offer the best fish sandwiches.

12. Long John Silver's - Wilder Alaska-Seelachs

While other fast food restaurants opened with hamburgers and milkshakes,Long John Silversdid something different when it opened its first restaurant in 1969. History shows that the concept, which focuses solely on seafood, worked extremely well for the chain, which expanded to more than 1,000 locations over the next decade. Today, Long John Silver's continues to sell a variety of seafood dishes, including the Wild Alaskan Pollock Sandwich.

You'd think this seafood-focused fast-food restaurant would be at the top of our list, but it's actually the opposite, in part due to its complete lack of originality. While Long John Silver's sells everything from shrimp to salmon to lobster chunks, the chain chose to make this sandwich with pollock -- the same white fish used by the vast majority of restaurants., the sandwich is pretty basic with little taste. It includes a breaded outer fillet and tartar sauce is an optional side. If you need a drive-thru and Long John Silver's is your easiest option, skip the sandwich and choose one of the more unique offerings.

11. Carl's Jr./Hardee's - Fish sandwich in panko batter

Carl's Jr oder Hardee's (depending on where you live), has never been known for healthy eating. In fact, it seems the messier and oilier the better. From western bacon cheeseburgers to fried zucchini, this fast food joint is known for innovative flavors. The same applies to fish rolls. More than a decade ago, people ateKarl caught, the first incarnation of fish sandwiches, and more recently, restaurant aErasBreaded cod sandwich with Dhook beer. The latest incarnation? The fish sandwich with panko crust.

Panko breading might sound a little lighter than "beer breading," but remember, this is Carl's Jr.Thriller, the panko crusted fish sandwich is far from fresh - actually burned in the freezer. Remoulade is said to be too salty. Some good points are real leaf lettuce instead of fresh, chopped tomatoes.

Whether you're an angler or just looking for a change from the meat on your burger, the fish sandwich at Carl's Jr. won't kill you. But if you're looking for something healthier or tastier, you might be disappointed.

10. Ladies - crispy fish sandwich

When it comes to fish sandwiches, Checkers serves up a solid little product. thecrispy fish sandwichDon't try to be something you are not. It's simple, uncomplicated and tastes decent. You can add cheese or fries if you want, but the standard comes with shredded lettuce and tartar sauce.

Checkers is a lesser-known fast food brand known on the West Coast as Rally's. It's known for its "famous seasoned fries," which can also be found in some supermarket freezer sections. They pair beautifully with the Crispy Fish Sandwich, inside or on the side. If the sandwich doesn't satisfy your appetite, give this a tryDeep Sea Double Room. It comes with double fish pies and melted cheese.

Despite its passable taste, it's lower on our list based on availability - Checkers and Rally's aren't as easy to find these days as some other fast food places.only exists in28 states and Washington, D.C. If you're lucky enough to have one in your area, be sure to stop by.

9. Castelo Branco - fish slider

Castelo Branco is famous for its slides. Actually secondPeople-Magazin, they've been selling these mini burgers for over 100 years.white locksells more than 10 different sliders catering to all tastes and one of the options is thefish pusher.Like most fast food fish offerings, this one is made with itAlaska-Seelachs, which is breaded and stuffed into the famous bagel with a slice of American cheese. This guy doesn't have any sauce, and that's a bit of a shame as we came to make fish rolls equivalent to tartar sauce.

Its small size comes with a small price tag, meaning you can try a variety of sliders at once, or just carry the fish sliders if you like. However, we rank them #9 for lack of sauce and creativity compared to other sliders on the menu. But if you're looking for something quick, no-frills, and affordable, White Castle is your place.

8. Dairy Queen – Alaskan Pacific Cod Sandwich

May 2019,Business Insiderhad some strong and powerful words to describe Dairy Queen's wild Alaskan fish sandwich, describing the accompanying salad as "oil-soaked seaweed" and the fish fillet "identifiable as something that's floated." Damn it. But life has changed significantly since 2019. Has a global pandemic given Dairy Queen a fresh perspective with updated recipes? Not much.

The fish fillet is made with – you guessed it – Alaska pollock (detecting a trend here?) and comes with salad, tartar sauce and toasted bread. You can add cheese if you like, but that only adds fat to the sandwich. The whole sandwich is oily — the lettuce is known to be soaked with the oil from the tartar sauce, and the fillet needs a good paper towel before it gets on the bun. It's messy, runny, and tastes pretty mediocre. The only consolation with this sandwich? You can pair it with ablizzard. now that's whatmilk queendo it right.

7. Arby's - Crispy Fish Sandwich

Arbysbecame quite famous for its roast beef when it opened its doors in 1964, starting with a single restaurant in Ohio. Since then, the menu has expanded to include a variety of options, from ham and cheese sliders to chicken nuggets. While red meat remains the network's flagship, it has expanded to include fish sandwiches. Finally, why not join the bandwagon, right? Arby's often has huge sandwiches, and the fish sandwich is actually larger than what you'll find at other sandwich shops.

The sandwich is made with Alaska pollock and is fried to a crispy fillet. Accompanies the usual tartar sauce and cheese, accompanied by chopped lettuce and fresh tomatoes. It's not terrible, but it's not perfect either. WhenBacharel not cheaprated: "It has good initial visual appeal" and "is flavorful". But as you work your way through the medium, crunch is replaced with mushy seafood that no one wants to write about. We put it in the middle of our review because, while not consistent, it ticks all the boxes in terms of taste, size, and looks.

6. Sonic - Premium fish sandwich

Anyone who grew up with a Sonic knows the magic of happy hour. Not the alcoholic variety, of course, but the time of day you can go to your local fast food drive-in for a half-price slushie in a variety of flavors. It was the artificial taste and color heaven for every child in the summer. Now, as adults, we still love these slushies (check out Blue Raspberry), but for a more grown-up palate we're looking for quality food. Enter Sonic Premium Fish Sandwich.

This fish sandwich comes on a brioche bun and features pureed diced cucumbers. We haven't seen cucumbers on our list yet, and we're here for that. AfterSchall-, You can also add a slice of cheese if you like. The fish sandwich is not available everywhere and is seasonal in some regions, so be on the lookout for Lent. It's a good alternative to hamburgers and chicken, but don't skimp on snacks and slushies.

5. Burger King – Big Fish Sandwich

It's hard to beat a Burger King Whopper. There's something really amazing about the grilled flavor paired with fresh veggies. Burger King does burgers right. But what about the fish? AfterWichita by E.B.., not very exciting but good enough to order more than once. Big Fish tartar sauce is sweet, and when paired with the pickle pie, it's a winning flavor combination. The sandwich also includes lettuce, which keeps better than the shredded variety used by many restaurants on this ranking.

The disadvantage? The fish burger itself is a bit smaller. The fact that it comes on a deliciously fluffy brioche bun makes the fish look so much smaller. All in all, the Big Fish is a decent fish sandwich for the price and is sure to fill you up with some fries and a coke.

4. Jack in the Box – Fischsandwich

Springteufelconstantly updates its menu with new offerings. From their classic burgers to more eclectic items like egg rolls and the sinful Mega Munchines box, the chain always seems to turn heads. Despite all the changes, one thing seems certain: the fish sandwich is on the menu every spring. In the years 2021 and 2022 e.gbrand consumptioneYou-Boom, the fish roll has returned in two variations and can probably be expected again this March.

The Original Fish Sandwich is the quintessential meal of patties, gravy, and that pesky messy shredded lettuce. You can also add cheese if you like. The real show is the Fish Sandwich Deluxe, which includes two fish patties, two slices of cheese, fresh tomato slices, and, yes, shredded lettuce and gravy. Is the Fish Sandwich Deluxe just two fish sandwiches stacked on top of each other? Pretty much. But it works. It's a delicious and filling fish sandwich that doesn't need any side dishes due to its healthy size. But if you still want fries, go for it. We will not judge you.

3. McDonald's - Filet-O-Fisch

Filet-O-Fish debuted in the 1960s after oneMC DonaldsThe franchisee was determined to weather Friday's sales slump. Because his restaurant is in a predominantly Roman Catholic neighborhood, few people stopped by for a burger on a Friday. SoLou Groen sounded the alarm bell in Cincinnati by convincing McDonald's to try a fish sandwich.

Filet-O-Fish continues today, with 23% of its annual sales occurring during Lent e.gSmithsonian Magazine. Are they as popular as Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets? Not really, but is it a good choice for those who sometimes want to give up meat? Absolutely. Wheneat seriouslypoints out that not everyone loves Filet-O-Fish. The cheese can be a bit questionable, and the tartar sauce is so plentiful that it tends to slide off your small burger. But for many people it remains a favorite.

A unique feature of Filet-O-Fish is the bread. It's different from those found in other McDonald's sandwiches, and some people don't realize that you can swap it out for any sandwich of your choosing. Known to pros as "steamed bread," it gets its squishy softness by being steamed for exactly 11 seconds (viadate point). This steamed bun combined with the crispy fish makes a deliciously wonderful sandwich.

2. Popeyes - Classic Cajun flounder

Popeyes, congratulations for stepping out of the Alaskan pollock box and offering us a fish sandwich with an exciting new ingredient - Cajun halibut. This sandwich has shown up to guests every Lent for the past few years, andPopeye's Complete Menuconfirmed it will return in Spring 2023. Like many of Popeye's foods, the Cajun halibut sandwich is flavorful, flavorful, and juicy. It almost pretends you're eating chicken - only way better. AfterSpicy Food Reviews, the sole breading is actually the same or very similar to the breading they use on the chicken. After all, why mess with a good thing?

Halibut isn't quite as frugal as the pollock that everyone seems to use, but it's a mild, enjoyable fish that even non-seafood eaters can enjoy without offense. Add the special sauce, ripened pickles and fluffy bread and you have a successful sandwich to enjoy during Lent. Keep an eye out for the Cajun sole at a Popeye near you as they seem to be available for a limited time each year and you don't want to miss out.

1. Wendy's - Premium cod fillet sandwich

Of all the fast food restaurants on our listWendysIt's probably the highest quality. That's partly because of its commitment to "fresh, never frozen" beef it uses. All food is freshly prepared and the end result is hot, delicious food that has never seen the glow of a heat lamp. theWendy's Premium Cod Fillet Sandwichit doesn't bring a freshly made burger because it's breaded, but it looks as fresh as can be and all the other ingredients do too. We also welcome any restaurant that tries anything other than Panko Crusted Saithe with open arms. Cod is a welcome change from the fast-food fish game.

Afterclicks on restaurants, the cod sandwich is “simple but perfect”. And it's really delicious. Lighter than a burger but just as filling, be sure to pair this sandwich with fries or hash browns. If cod isn't available at Wendy's, the chain often offers an alternative pollock sandwich as well. Whoever you take, everything will be fine. Whether you're looking for an alternative to burgers during Lent or just craving a delicious fish sandwich, Wendy's definitely has what you need.

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